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“My partner and I found Cara to be a very knowledgeable communication coach who has a way of presenting her observations and ideas in nonthreatening and insightful ways as well as reframing a discussion and drilling down to the core of an issue. In each session, she helped us cut away the clutter and see the unmet needs at the root of our problems. I am very pleased with what we were able to accomplish in our sessions with Cara.  While it’s obvious that learning to be better communicators is a lifetime process, it no longer appears such a daunting prospect.” – S.Prudhom, 2016 client

“I found Cara to be extremely patient, understanding, compassionate, supportive and gentle person.  For us, she did a great job helping us to toward connection by encouraging us to look inside of ourselves to communicate our needs better, by showing us how to distinguish thoughts and feelings. She made sure both of us had a chance to speak and listen, which was an immensely difficult task given the ‘can’t get any worse’ state we were in. Seeing Cara individually was more relaxed, introspective, and stimulating. She asked me questions that encouraged me to bring attention to myself, look inside, feel, and think, which helped to clarify some things troubling me. Cara was very patient and persistent in redirecting me when I strayed from focus.” – Maico Roden, 2015 client

“Learning NVC from Cara via online sessions was a special event for me, and I am really grateful that I had chance to be part of it and super grateful for Cara for leading it. Members of the group shared our experiences in very warm and welcoming atmosphere. I noticed that after each class I felt more present, more open, connected, I felt really good inside about myself, people and life in general. I felt energized and at peace. These gatherings met my deep needs for learning, honesty and openness which was so exciting that I was sometimes running to be on time for them. Cara has taught me ways of communication that touches me deep inside. If I imagine life to be an adventurous journey of seeking meaning and joy, then NVC would be a “magical” tool that shows a way to see the beauty in people making the journey easier and brighter.”  – Ivan Vratskikh, 2015 online course participant

“I attended Cara’s “Saying No and Being Understood” workshop, because I always find myself saying yes to everything – and it was fantastic, really warm and insightful. It was a properly active way to get into using the Nonviolent Communication model, which helps me unravel my motivations for agreeing to things when I don’t really want to. I could also see how it would take a lot longer to really get to grips with it, to get better at understanding my own needs and connecting more deeply with other people. I’ve known for a long time how eye-opening Cara’s one-to-one sessions can be, and now I also understand the power of her trainings.” – 2015 training participant

“I entered coaching sessions with Cara to help me with my stress and lack of balance. She has a fantastic ability to let me see past all the ‘noise’ in my head about what I ‘should’ do or what I ‘could’ be doing. She sees the needs that underlie the emotional turmoil. Her insights bring clarity that is unbelievably freeing. She has taught me how to meet those needs in ways that better suit my life, and I have learned so much about my patterns of behaviour right from my first session with her.” – 2014 client

“In our 4-day team training, Cara worked very professionally, with care and empathy, using lots of practical examples, sharing and making use of her full range of knowledge. I especially enjoyed all of the time spent on exercises.”  – 2014 training participant

“Cara’s introductory training was straightforward, understandable and clear. I was able to immediately apply much of what I learned to my communication, and I am curious to learn more. I enjoy having a personal connection to trainers, and Cara did that – she wasn’t afraid to share, be open and disclose things about herself that was useful to the process. Also, the takeaways were very useful, and I am referring to them both at work and home.   – 2014 training participant

“Calm and thoughtful, Cara asks the right questions to help you think in a structured way about why you do things a certain way. She does not impose her own ideas on you, but really helps you to identify whatever works for you to do things differently. She is very approachable, a good listener, friendly and positive. I felt that I could open up with her about a diversity of topics. With her open‐minded attitude, she created an excellent environment for coaching.” -2012 client

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