Solid teams rely on solid communication

Ideally they are diverse and build on the strengths, capacity and commitment of each empowered team member.

Communication skills are critical for effective team work . . . to help us deal with our differences, barriers, change, challenging situations like conflict and sensitive topics.

CCC coaching and training packages are tailor-made to fit your team’s needs.Cara as trainer

Leadership / team skill-building themes:

  • clarity on the team’s values
  • collaborative decision-making skills
  • giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • dealing with criticism (including a harsh inner critic)
  • clarity with boundaries (saying “no” effectively)
  • building safety and understanding via active listening skills
  • dealing with emotions
  • eliminating polarization, “us vs. them” thinking
  • meeting facilitation skills
  • making team systems explicit, e.g. how decisions are made, meetings facilitated, conflicts resolved, feedback given (and more)
  • connecting communication (based on Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC model)

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