Building Personal Capacity

Cara's servicesCoaching sessions are for individual team members wanting to focus on personal development and achieve particular goals.

To provide emotional safety, coaching sessions are strictly confidential in nature. Empathic listening is used as a basis to meet people just where they are, without correcting, blaming, shaming, or solution-giving. Sessions end with inner clarity and concrete next steps (e.g. practice ideas or specific action).

Any range of personal situations are welcome. Starter questions might include:

  • “I receive feedback that I use too many words and should be clearer – how can I work on this?”
  • “As a conflict-avoider, how can I build skills to give honest feedback and deal with the differences our team encounters?”
  • “I struggle with a harsh inner critic – what can I do about it?”
  • “I want to be clearer about my boundaries and learn how to say no in a way that is constructive.”
  • “What can I do when emotions show up at work (my own and others)?”
  • “Some of my colleagues talk too much and don’t give enough space for others. How can I work with this?”
  • “Our meetings are unfocused and a waste of time – how can I change this?”
  • “I know what I want but don’t find ways to ask for it – how can I improve this?”
  • “A team member’s spouse passed away and I have no idea how to deal with it . . . “
  • “I am concerned about my well-being due to life-work balance being off – where do I start to change my patterns?”
  • “Any time anger arrives, everyone reacts differently and we get nowhere. How can I better deal with these situations?”
  • “I’m being asked to do something that I’m just not ready to do – what now?”



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