Know these 3 things to improve relationship communication

1. You can transform your moments of chaos/confusion/fear . . . into calm/clarity/trust.
2. You can shed your old patterns, strategies, masks and be true to your real self (live in honesty/authenticity).
3. When you are authentic, meaningful connections occur much more naturally.

How do I know? Because of my own personal experience! When I sought out help from coaches and trainers to help me find “the real me,” I had so much to learn about relationship communication, starting with myself! As a result of my personal journey (you can read my story here), I’ve become an accredited coach & communication trainer building upon my strength of providing nonjudgmental, open, safe presence in which you feel fully heard and understood."Deep conversations with the right people are priceless."

If you resonate with the longing for more honesty AND connection, I’m glad you found me, because I help people become self-empowered for the long-term with new communication skills.

I do this by guiding you in private sessions through important clarifying conversations:

  1. with yourself in which you can fully connect with and learn to be “the real you”
  2. with someone else (via role play) to practice resolving conflict, while building connecting communication skills
  3. with your partner to resolve conflict together, while building connecting communication skills.

I offer the following coaching packages:

Self-discovery for women living abroadHarmony & Connection for international relationships/families






"While undergoing a big change and loss in my life, Cara helped me clarify my chaos. Her friendly, mindful, non-judgmental presence gave me safe space to explore without being overwhelmed by my painful feelings. I gained clarity about what was really important for me, and I feel so grateful for her unforgettable contribution to my inner peace and wellbeing."

"After each enlightening session with Cara, my partner and I managed to continue very constructive discussions about how to work with our differences. Her support and guidance in our communication, ability to connect with each other has been wonderful."








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