Seeing Myself Through Nature’s Eyes

Jun 23, 2013

I’ve been paying more attention lately to where I feel emotions in my body. Sound crazy? I wasn’t so sure about it myself, but I’m starting to rake in the benefits.

In my opinion, I’ve always had a strong body. Rarely sick as a child, no broken bones, fast healer. No indications of allergies or food sensitivities.

Until now that is – a skin condition called psoriasis has reared it’s ugly head. Interestingly, the itchy rash is a sign that something isn’t quite sitting right on the inside, most likely my gut.

My family doctor prescribed a (I’m guessing steroidal) cream, which would bring immediate relief… but he had nothing to say about treating the source of the problem (i.e. prevention!). I don’t think I’ll be going back to him.

I decided to visit a naturopath, who is all about mind/body balance and the importance of food as medicine. He was able to tell me about the cure/prevention: low stress and a diet devoid of harmful-to-my-body substances (starting with lectins).

Basically, I’m learning that my body wants to tell me all kinds of things – not just about physical ailments. Actually, I’m learning that what’s going on in my mind is a key factor in how my body feels! Tight shoulders? Oh yeah, I have been stressed about a deadline. Lower back pain? Oh yeah, some deeper angst has been surfacing lately. Constricted chest/shallow breathing? Oh dear, that thought (more like belief/conviction) has been reining supreme lately. Itch? Damn, been eating the wrong things and/or letting all this other stress enter in again.

Stop. Back to the present. Breathe. Notice where I’m tense/itchy. Breathe into that spot. Be. Breathe. Just live THIS moment, and all feels fine again (it actually works for just as long as I can DO it!).

Someone asked me once where I felt the most at peace. Immediately forest images came to mind – I described how utterly perfect it is to me, all is well, nothing to be changed. Then she asked, where do you feel that in your body, and how can you take it with you? Interesting strategy – it’s helped me from time to time, when I remember it.

More recently, I got even deeper insight that may very well impact me for life…

When I look at nature, I see nothing but balance, beauty, no flaws, just harmony. It has always seemed to be outside myself – something to attempt to “take with me” when I leave it.

Well, what about the notion that I AM nature, too! A critical part of its delicate balance, beauty, harmony. I too am not flawed! Woah, this really gets to a deeply seated belief that I’ve been striving hard to “fix”. As long as I’m out to fix myself, then I see myself as flawed, not good enough. Far from that perfectly balanced nature image.

From here on out, when I’m in nature and touch a tree, or admire a flower, a majestic animal, or an interesting insect, I’m no longer going to ONLY smile at it. I’m going to see it smile right back at me and see me as part of its lovely whole.

Life is looking better already!


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