NVC brings mutual understandingSunday Sessions – learning & practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Haarlem

Learn about self-connection, dealing with big emotions (e.g. anger, guilt, mourning), inner conflict, knowing and protecting your boundaries, and more!


NVC, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, is a simple, extremely powerful tool for improving communication in all our relationships. It helps us to see clearly what blocks our language from being effective. It teaches us what we can do differently to create mutual understanding, connection, balance, and more.

Though easy enough to “get” the model, it can take a while to “embody” and requires regular practice. That’s why Cara and Mirjam (see “Trainers” below) are providing a safe space for sharing and practicing on Sunday afternoons in Haarlem, focusing on a different theme each session. We start with the basics of NVC on 4 February 2017, so if you’re new to it, try not to miss this one!

Dates:  4 & 18 Feb; 11 & 25 March; 15 & 22 April, all 13.00-16.30

Location:  De Garage, Kennemerstraat 11, Haarlem (very near CS)

Cost:  €45-95 euro per Sunday afternoon (incl. BTW, depending on income & free choice)
You can pay the day of the session or be invoiced.
You can also attend all four sessions for the upfront (reduced) payment of €165-275.

The Trainers:

Cara Crisler and Mirjam Schulpen are both an NVC-based coach, mediator and trainer, passionate about creating safe spaces for personal discovery, trust-building, honest sharing, conflict resolution, and connection. They both work with individuals, parents, couples and organizational teams. Cara says:

Cara & Mirjam“NVC has changed my life in the most positive ways in all my roles, including partner, mother, friend, and colleague. It provides me a daily model for compassionate, connecting communication, which I can apply in all of my relationships, including the one I find most important—the one I have with myself.”

You can learn more about Mirjam (left) here and Cara (right) here.

If you’d like more information or see if these practice sessions are a good fit for you, contact Cara or Mirjam to set up a call.