Connecting Even When We Fight
(a 5-week Communication Course for Couples based on NVC)Connecting in Conflict

Download the course primer, CONNECTING IN CONFLICT (not required reading)

This 5-week course is designed for up to 4 couples and takes place in Amsterdam.

It is for you and your partner if you both wish to learn & practice new communication skills that bring deeper understanding, compassion and connection (also with other people in your life).

NVC is widely used all around the globe as a tool for personal development, conflict resolution, mediation, coaching, training, and relationship counseling. It is also successfully used in organizations, businesses, politics, prisons, schools, couples, parents and families.

Participants will learn the basics of how to:

– identify & deal with alienating language, e.g. blame, judgment, criticism
– speak more honestly (what’s really going on personally)

– listen more deeply for understanding & clarity
– deal with emotions in a connecting way
– make requests (as opposed to demands)
– reach meaningful win-win agreements
– say and hear a “no”
– express and receive appreciation

Dates: 25 May, 8 & 22 June; 6 & 13 July

Timing: Fridays, 19.15 – 22.00

Location: TACA, Borgerstraat 102, Amsterdam (Oud West)

Cost: €195-350 per person (excl. BTW), depending on income & free choice

Optional  private 1.5 hour sessions discounted at100-175 (excl. BTW), depending on income & free choice

[NOTE: do not let the cost be a barrier – talk with Cara about a payment plan option!]

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The Trainer:

Cara Crisler, EMCC-accredited coach and NVC-based trainer, is passionate about creating safe spaces for personal discovery, trust-building, honest sharing, and connection.Cara teaching NVC

“NVC has changed my life in the most positive ways in all my roles, including partner, mother, friend, and colleague. It provides me a daily model for compassionate, connecting communication, which I can apply in all of my relationships, including the one I find most important—the one I have with myself.”

Through Crisler Coaching & Consulting, she offers private sessions for individuals, couples, small teams and groups (see Services). You can learn more about Cara here.

If you’d like more information or see if the course is a good fit for you, contact Cara to set up a call.