Want more harmony at home?

Who doesn’t? In my personal experience, living in an international relationship/family brings an extra set of challenges, for example . . .

  • one of both of you may be having a difficult time adjusting to life abroadHarmony & Connection for international relationships/families
  • there are different cultural norms and expectations that may be clashing
  • you find it difficult to connect to the people around you
  • there are differences and misunderstandings that lead to friction within the relationship

This “Harmony & Connection” training program is likely for you if you are in a committed international relationship, and you are both open to receiving guidance and learning new skills that help you deal better with conflict and experience more harmony and connection in the relationship/family.

When you invest in this 5-session program, you can expect to:
  • experience safe space for you to explore what is important for each of you
  • be fully heard  by one another
  • resolve past conflicts
  • achieve mutual understanding, compassion & (re-)connection
  • define win-win agreements for the future
  • new communication skills for ongoing connection
I guide you in this program by:
  • listening with compassion and empathy (without judgment, analysis, advice);
  • asking questions that help you each be self-connected and therefore more honest with each other;
  • teaching you skills for meaningful connection—with yourself and with others
  • providing exercises during and between sessions
By the end of the program, you can anticipate that you will both:
  • learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC, a model developed by Marshall Rosenberg)
  • see that in dialogue, you always have 1 of 3 choices: self-connection, listening (fully), and expressing (honestly)
  • recognize language patterns that alienate, or create distance
  • distinguish between observations and thoughts (interpretations, analysis, judgments, etc.)
  • distinguish between feelings and thoughts
  • distinguish between needs and strategies
  • make doable requests (creative strategies that take into account all needs)
Side notes:
  • The “Harmony & Connection” training program typically attracts international couples who are living abroad in the Amsterdam region where I can conduct live sessions (in my coaching space either in Amsterdam or Haarlem OR in your home).
  • Online video (Skype) sessions are also available and proven to be effective.
  • It is also open to all couples committed to working toward more harmony.