Privately paid:  €150 per 1-hour session (excl. 21% BTW) (please communicate special circumstances)

Employer paid: €200 per 1-hour session (excl. 21% BTW)



€100 per hour (excl. 21% BTW) for couples wanting to be deeply heard or other people in conflict situations



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Time investment for individual coaching

Coaching trajectories are on average 6 sessions, typically lasting 1½ hours each; this is dependent on the scope of the trajectory and your availability and budget. Before the first full session, you are asked to spend about 30 minutes completing the online Organic Scorecard (see benefits). You can also expect to engage in introspection assignments between each session.

Possibilities for reimbursement

Many employers reimburse coaching and/or training expenses as part of the benefits package or professional / personal development plan (in the Netherlands, a “persoonlijk ontwikkelingsplan,” or POP). Freelance entrepreneurs are able to deduct BTW as well as coaching/training expenses from their taxes.

“Calm and thoughtful, Cara asks the right questions to help you think in a structured way about why you do things a certain way. She does not impose her own ideas on you, but really helps you to identify whatever works for you to do things differently.” -2011 client