IS YOUR TEAM READY TO: Cara - serious

  • improve communication for greater efficiency, productivity, accurate results
  • address differences and manage conflict for the long-term
  • create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect and trust
  • increase each team member´s sense of full potential, self-responsibility, cooperation
  • make space for new creative ideas and strategies
  • find agreements that work for all involved

Then you are ready for a fresh approach to team training and coaching!

I draw on 17 years of professional experience and coaching / communication training to provide a custom-made service that combines:

  • active conflict management
  • personal/team coaching
  • training in effective communication skills for win-win outcomes

Themes may include:

An introduction for organizational teams aiming to work more effectively via clearer communication, which includes honest expression and careful listening for mutual understanding and respect; increasing trust and strengthening employee relations. It typically includes a vital on-the-job coaching component, in which Cara helps to reinforce skills learned in the training during live interactions.

Team members can benefit tremendously from learning empathic listening skills. Prioritizing human to human connection can make all of the difference in each interaction, enabling mutual understanding and respect, and more goals than ever to be realized.

Many teams suffer a lack of productivity and progress when one or more members take on more than they can handle, leading to resentments, lack of communication, or worse, burn-out. Learning to say and hear “no” in a way that the other can truly understand is a skill useful for all team members to master. 

For teams wanting to take communication to the next level by making concrete, doable requests AND finding agreements that work as win-win outcomes.

In order to grow, develop and improve, feedback can play a vital role. Yet some can find criticism, or open directness difficult to handle, causing a breakdown in communication and understanding. This training shows effective ways in which both the giver and receiver of feedback can achieve mutual understanding and connection while undergoing ongoing development.

Learning the skills to express honestly and listen actively are required for surviving difficult dialogues all the way through to a workable agreement, and those who do will notice their ability to get more accomplished (especially in the team setting). Regular practice sessions (eventually without the need for outside assistance) are vital to keep skills sharp, to share successes, gain clarity of where improvement is needed, receive tips, etc.


Working in both English and Dutch-speaking settings, I am an accredited coach by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and abide by its Code of Ethics.

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