Cara Crisler

easing connection in relationships

"After each enlightening session with Cara, my partner and I managed to continue very constructive discussions about how to work with our differences. Her support and guidance in our communication, ability to connect with each other has been wonderful."

Your longing for meaningful human connection may too often go unmet due to busy lives, constant distractions, unresolved conflict . . . and frankly, were any of us ever actually taught skills for this?!

It is about showing up as you are, being seen, heard, understood and met with acceptance. AND knowing how to do this for others.

I believe that the primary person who can help you in all of your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) is YOU.

I support people—individuals, couples & small teams—who wish to build trust, honesty and meaningful connection in their relationships.

I do this by giving a safe space for self-awareness, expressing honestly and listening with empathy.

Results you can anticipate:

  • expanded possibilities for more meaningful connection with inner clarity and calmness
  • developed skills that build mutual understanding, compassion and trust
  • ability to find new, creative, win-win agreements

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