Cara Crisler


Join me on 8 Oct, 9:00 for a free webinar if you are interested in using NVC in your coaching/supporting people


Top professional athletes & teams all have a coach/trainer . . . so why not you?

Perhaps you just found her . . . that is, if you are part of an international team that:

  • recognizes the whole is only as strong and healthy as its individual team members
  • senses there’s so much more potential, and yet . . .
  • understands that communication is key to getting through change, conflict and reaching goals
  • is willing to take on challenging work culture dialogues
  • is open to learning new skills
  • enjoys a tailored, sustained approach to team development

 Results you can anticipate:

  • improved empowerment and capacity
  • higher engagement
  • increased stability
  • equitable collaboration
  • agreements that work for all
  • goal achievement

Work takes place in person in the Amsterdam region and online with teams that are further away.

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